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Fishing waters

The real fishing paradise in Carinthia.

It is one of the loveliest and most fascinating valleys in Austria: the valley of the river Gail, rich in trout, which is one of the best for fly-fishing enthusiasts. The crystal-clear waters of the Gail, of the Valentin and Mühl streams (quality 1A) and of the artificial lake (Stausee) are home to a rich natural fish heritage, comprising brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling and char. The course of the Gail, the gorge of the Valentin, wild and romantic, the Wiesenbach, or the ''stream that flows through the meadows", the blue-green waters of the Alpine lakes ... a real paradise, even for the most demanding angler!

Flyfishing and mixed watersfishing district of 15km & 2 mountain lakes

The Mühlbach

A tributary of the Gail, about 1km, that runs through meadows. The Mühlbach is a branch of the Valentin that flows through the houses and meadows of Mauthen. The Lederer sawmill is on the fringes of the town and this is where the fishing reserve begins. Its waters branch out for a kilometre though green meadows and bushes before flowing into the Gail. To reach the stream, one can start out from Mauthen or follow the right bank of the Gail. There is such a large quantity of fish and so many graylings that even beginners are lucky.

The Valentin gorge

The famous Klamm, or gorge, begins at Mauthen and consists in 6km through wild rocks and crystal clear waters in The Valentin runs through an almost unreal landscape through impending rock walls, more than 300 metres high, that seem to meet high up in the sky. The first 1500 metres are not difficult, thanks to the path that is sometimes sculptured in the rock and to the numerous footbridges. The fish here is very shy: it is possible to see it only by approaching very cautiously and with a good portion of luck! However, there is lots of it, although none is particularly large, because sunlight enters the gorge with great difficulty and for short periods of time. From the end of the path one must proceed wearing boots and a headgear towards the innermost part of the gorge. The path becomes more and more awesome as nature shows all its strength. Due to the fact that it is not possible to gain access to this section of the river alone, we organise tours on a regular basis guided by expert mountaineers. At the top, the rock walls are so near that they almost touch. There is an aura of mystery... Suddenly, the gorge opens up to reveal the so-called "Resurrection Gate". The upper section of the gorge can be easily reached from the road of the Monte Croce Carnico Pass (Plöckenstraße). Starting from about 600 metres after the Ederwirt inn, following the old Roman road, one reaches the Valentin. This is where the valley widens. The mountain stream flows towards the gorge through all of eight waterfalls. The deep green colour of the minute lakes is astonishing. There are multitudes of small darting fish as well as some large specimens of common trout and of beautifully coloured char. This part of the Klamm is not at all suitable for angling with a fly-hook but is beautiful thanks to its landscape as well as being a very demanding excursion, a real challenge for the body. And, to revive one's spirits, at the end of the Valentin one finds the Valentinalm with its typical and wholesome Carinthian food.

The Angerbach valley

The Anger, i.e. 4km of stream, from the Grünsee to the source. In the alpine Angerbach valley, that climbs slowly and constantly from 1200 to 1500 metres, it is possible to dedicate oneself to contemplative angling, immersed in a charming alpine landscape.The course of the stream is very varied: natural damns create deep pools; after large flat and pebbly areas the water becomes frothy and forceful. Nothing but Nature, all around. Untouched. Alpine flowers, meadows, forests. The real stream trout with its wonderful patterns lives in these waters.

The Angerbach gorge

In other words: angling, adventure, canyoning. Very few people have crossed the entire gorge up to now. The Angerbach jumps a height of about 200 metres in one kilometre, creating various precipices. Gigantic and deep pools are a refuge for the original trout (common trout) that takes its name from the stream and that is legendary because of its ability to elude the hook. The gorge is only accessible from three points for about 200 metres. The remaining 800 can be covered as if it were a canyoning expedition. Well fitted out, in neoprene bodywear, headgear, ropes and accompanied by a guide, the adventurous outing ull of climbs, downhill and uphill ... in water, will become pure, safe, fun.

The Valentin lake

Deep dark green, located between rocks, it is an artificial lake fed by a waterfall
The waters are exploited by a small power plant owned by AAE Wasserkraft GmbH, that produces ecological electric power that is then distributed to Kötschach. A trail of about 200 metres that starts out from the Kreuztratte parking lot and leads to the "Little world of energy" a practical example of how it is possible to produce electric power with alternative methods. After having gone through the Hydro-Solar" galleries, the view opens up suddenly on this romantic lake. The colour of the water and of the impressive waterfall can do nothing but create astonishment and wonder. It is surrounded by steep walls that are more than 100 metres high! In the outlet, where the current is strongest, there are large fish waiting that will definitely cause a lot of trouble!

The Cellonsee

The rock of Cellon reflected in the lake. It is located at 1200 m near the Plöckenhaus and it is stuffed by a torrent“Kuchlbach.

The Grünsee

An artificial lake that is so beautiful ... it looks like a real lake! Absolutely natural banks, crystal clear waters that are a pale green, so clear that you can look deep down inside them: a lake set in an ideal alpine landscape, 1,250 metres above sea level: too beautiful to be true! The warm and welcoming Plöckenhaus is a 10 minutes walk away from the lake where one can taste typical local dishes, especially game.



Fish heritage and relative angling periods

Common trout: 15.04. to 15.09.
Rainbow trout: 15.04. to 31.12.
Graylings: 01.06. to 31.12.
River chars: 15.04. to 15.09.
Lake chars and trout: 29.02. to 30.09.

Equipment for flyfishing

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