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Fly-Fishing One Day Permit

FISH-BAITS: Camel browns & nymphs without barbs


The river flows about a kilometre through green meadows and bushes before flowing into the Gail.
fishes: greyling, brown trout, rainbow trout and artic char


Gigantic and deep pools are habitat for the original trout (common trout) who is also named after the stream.

Valentin lake and Valentin canyon 

Crystal clear waters and wild rocks, the mountain stream flows towards the canyon thereby passing eight waterfalls, the deep green colour of the minute lakes is astonishing.
fishes: brown trout, rainbow trout and artic char


Taking fishes: only 1 rainbow trout per day
fishes: greyling, brown trout, rainbow trout, artic char and lake trout

Fly Fishing One Day Permit: € 57,--

Plus: Fishing Visitor´s Permit/License € 7,--
Just in case a fisher does not have any particular Carinthian license.
All given prices including tax and charge.

Mixed Waters- One Day Permit

FISH-BAITS: All artificial baits without barbs.


Taking fishes: 1-2 common trouts per day
The rock of Cellon reflected in the lake “Kuchlbach”.
fishes: greyling, brown trout and rainbow trout

Mixed Waters – One Day Permit € 37,--

No Carinthian license fee necessary.
All given prices including tax and charge.

Fishing Licenses and Permits

The permit ticket holder is obliged to keep the license with him/her and to submit it to inspection authorities (surveillances, gendarmerie, customs officers, etc.) on demand. License fees of unused fishing days are not to be refunded. Permit tickets and visitor tickets are not negotiable. If the fishing regulations mentioned on the fishing license backpage are violated, the ticket can be removed and no more ticket will be issued for the common season!  Fishing activities have to be carried out at own risk. Vegetation and facility damage should be avoided (personal liability). By signing the permit ticket, the fishing visitor agrees with the terms of conditions.

Fishing License – Issue Limitation

Independently of your accommodation, the fishing licenses are exclusively available at our place. We are recommending you to contact us per phone or per e-mail in advance because of daily fisher limitations. We would like to answer all your questions relating to fisheries.


Cash payment upon pickup, or remittance of the amount payable on our bank account in advance.

Fishing shop and lending office are being situated in the office of

Petri Heil!!

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